Recap National Finals Rodeo + EDUTIANMENT: What's Coming In 2024

Recap National Finals Rodeo + EDUTIANMENT: What's Coming In 2024

"The Boot Babes Gallop into Success: NFR Extravaganza Sets the Stage for Edutainment Revolution"

Las Vegas, NV — In an exhilarating showcase at the National Finals Rodeo (NFR), The Boot Babes, the premier Women's Western Network, left an indelible mark on the thriving Western fashion and lifestyle industry. With their colossal following of over 1 million across platforms, the Boot Babes transformed the NFR into a dynamic fusion of entertainment and education, setting the stage for a groundbreaking shift in the market.

Rodeo Royalty: Velvet Rodeo Tour and Country Icons Take Center Stage

The Boot Babes initiated their NFR experience by immersing themselves in the unparalleled Velvet Rodeo Tour, featuring country icons Miranda Lambert. They attended Randy Houser, and Tracy Lawrence at The Virgin Hotel. The evenings were a sensory feast, blending honky-tonk melodies and authentic Western vibes that resonated with the vast audience in attendance.

From the velvety tunes of Lambert to the timeless classics delivered by Houser and Lawrence, The Boot Babes reveled in the star-studded atmosphere, capturing the essence of true Western spirit.

Rising Stars Shine Bright: Lainey Wilson, Stoney LaRue, Jenna Paulette, Koe Wetzel Bring the House Down

Not content with merely the headliners, The Boot Babes embraced the rising stars of the country music scene. Lainey Wilson, Stoney LaRue, Jenna Paulette, and Koe Wetzel took the stage, delivering performances that left us cheering!  The Boot Babes were there to witness the emergence of new legends in the making as Lainey road in on a horse to sing the National Anthem at the Thomas & Mack Arena close up on the Cowboy Channel. 

Backstage Insights: Exclusive Podcast Interviews Uncover Western Fashion's Hidden Gems

The Boot Babes didn't stop at the music; they ventured behind the scenes for exclusive interviews on The Cowboy Boot Podcast and Western Fashion Behind the Scenes Podcast. These interviews unveiled the intricate tapestry of Western fashion, featuring insights from Mackenzie Kimbro, Tratter House Founders Blake Moore BMOE, Roy Dinges & Nick Luciano, The Cowboy Entrepreneur Scott Knudsen, and Western Fashion Star Kensee Auld, known as Western Gringa.

Listen to Western Fashion BTS HERE

Listen to The Cowboy Boot Podcast HERE

Edutainment Unleashed: Ashley Jackson's Visionary Approach to Sales

In a momentous announcement, Ashley Jackson, the visionary force behind The Boot Babes, revealed her upcoming book, "Edutainment: The Future of Sales." In this groundbreaking work, Jackson delves into the art of blending education and entertainment in the sales process, setting a new standard for marketing in the dynamic western world.

Why Advertise with The Boot Babes? The Power of Edutainment in Western Lifestyle

The Boot Babes offer a unique opportunity for brands to align with the edutainment revolution. Ashley Jackson's concept of "edutainment" transcends traditional advertising, creating an immersive experience that resonates with the audience and leaves a lasting impact.

Expanding the Cowgirl Boot Network: Partnerships Open for 2024

Looking ahead, The Boot Babes are gearing up for a monumental expansion of the Cowgirl Boot Network in 2024. Brands eager to join this thriving community are encouraged to contact to explore partnership opportunities.

In a world where innovation meets tradition, The Boot Babes stand at the forefront, seamlessly blending entertainment and education. For businesses seeking to make an impact in the Western lifestyle space, The Boot Babes provide a gateway to a dynamic and engaged audience. Saddle up for success with The Boot Babes - where style meets substance, and the Western spirit reigns supreme.

For media inquiries, contact:

Ashley Jackson @thebootbabe

 Phone: 801-200-7702


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